Happy Father’s Day! (Part 1)

I know it’s a little early for Father’s day… but shhh! Drink up Dads!

I’ve decided to do a 3-part Father’s day card series because when it comes to dads, you can get away with a chuckle or two!  For every crafter, there are certain colors of cardstock that poses a creativity challenge.  For me, it’s brown or orange.  (Definitely, brown.  No, it’s orange.)  Both have me gripping my hair and saying “argh!” why doesn’t it work?!  So for Father’s day, I thought these would be great masculine colors to inspire some creativity.

Here is where I got the idea for the card and decided to make my own version.  I found the beer mug from Clip Art and loved how the frothy bubbles were overflowing from the mug.  Inspired, I made the white frothy beer bubbles with my circle die cuts and added a mini-dot on the largest bubble for a little dimension.  Overall, I think this will give a dad a little chuckle on his special day!


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