Glitter-where have you been all my life?

Okay, a long long long time ago (when I first started stamping) I bought a glitter stamp pad from Martha Stewart and never really fell in love with it.


Flash forward years later – Glitter is my new love! I  just looooooooooooooooooooove how this looks!  Granted, I am covered in glitter from head to toe and so is my poor little Scottie by the end of the night! lol.


So in order to achieve this look – I used double sided adhesive sheets and just rubbed the glitter in stages so that I could reuse it later.  It’s not too hard once you practice a few times.  Below is the very first glitter card I made.


I tried using the distress glitter on this dress (do you recognize the peacock color?) and it didn’t turn out too bad.  I think I will stick with the Martha Stewart glitters because I love the brightness and shine it gives off.  Absolutely stunning! Love Love Love.

  • Recipe:  Silhouette, Martha Stewart Glitter, Distress Glitter, Bling, and Double sided adhesive sheets.

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