Craft Storage and Organization!

For the last few weeks, I have been obsessed with organizing all of my crafting goodies.  I finally did a little stamp cleaning and gave away a ton of craft supplies.  I thought I would share a few of the craft storage ideas that I love.  First, I found a solution to store my ink cubes:


I love this idea because everything is in one place and I can keep my sponge daubers with the cubes! I got this storage container from Michaels. Love love love.

My next storage solution is for sequins.  I really needed a storage container that had individual lids because the sequins often slide around and get mixed up together. So I found these awesome containers that even have a little handle:


Aren’t these containers awesome! I got these from Daiso. I love that I can hang them from the wall or inside my craft cabinet doors.

Onto my distress inks, I am slowly building up my collection and I may have reached my max capacity.  I like that I can take my inks with me in this case.


I punched out little hearts and added the colors so that I can easily see which inks I need for a project! (Also from Daiso).

Last but not least, here is how I store my clear stamps.  I really love this system because I can easily flip through and find the stamps I need. I tried storing my clear stamps in cds but it took up a lot of space and I found that this solution works for my craft space.



Many of the blogs and videos I have been searching through have been really inspiring! It’s so wonderful to see how people organize and create! It is totally true that the more organized your craft space is the easier it is to create.  You spend less time rummaging around and more time being creative!  I hope these storage solutions give you some ideas to help you get crafting =)


2 thoughts on “Craft Storage and Organization!

  1. You are so organized! By the looks of all of this… You would think that you had a great big shop. I am impressed. As I have always said you are in the wrong line of business. You really should have went in the crafting business! I guess you are just great no matter what you do!

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