Make it Work!

Confession – I too have been bitten by the gold foil bug and wanted to give it a try… thanksgoldfoil2 And another try, another try, and another try!  By far this has been the most difficult technique to execute and it might be because I do not have a laminator!  Using my regular iron, I applied the deco foil and got really blotchy spots of gold. I realized after a few tries that I was overheating the embossing powder and that’s why the deco foil wasn’t sticking to the surface. thanksgoldfoil1 However instead of scrapping the card, I decided to have a “make it work” moment and created this card!  I like how it sorta has that distress look so I added some green and gold inks and threw in some vellum. thanksgoldfoil3 Get ready for a whole series of these gold foil cards!  =)


One thought on “Make it Work!

  1. Laminators are not that expensive and totally worth the cost. If you have access to laser toner, it’s really easy to cut anything out using your dies and running it through the laminator; and, of course they serve double duty and can be used for what they were intended: laminate. LOL.

    Rubber Queen

    Thank You.

    Cary Mahler-Eley, Sr. Legal Office Assistant
    Major Narcotics Division
    211 West Temple Street
    Suite 1100

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