Shrinky Dink Paper!?

Where have you been all my life! Omg…this is amazing and I cannot believe I just learned about it!


(Btw…That’s 25 cents in the middle of the photo as a reference for size).

So for those of you who are not aware of shrinky dink paper and its wonders – let me explain to you the joy this can bring! Shrinky dink paper is a transparent paper that allows you to stamp, color and shrink your creation into hard plastic.  I bought this package from Amazon:


And it comes Super Sanded which allows you to easily color on one side.  (Apparently, other films may require you to take sandpaper and smooth it out before you get started.  That seems like a lot of work so I would recommend using this one).

When you open the package you will find that one side of the film is super slick and shiny vs. the other side which is a bit rough.  To get started, I stamped my image using Staz-on ink on the slick side.  Then I flipped it over and used a combination of Sharpie markers, pencil crayons and Copics to color the image.


Overall, I like how the Sharpies and Copics look because it seems a little smoother in texture once it shrinks.  For instance, the blue elephant on the left was colored with Copics vs. the grey elephant on the right was colored with pencil crayons.  I have to say, using a white pencil crayon on the images looks amazing so I will continue using that for my images.

If you decide that you want to turn your creation into a charm for a keychain, bracelet or pendant – Be sure to hole punch the plastic before you start cutting away.  So far I like how the images look when I cut around them vs. leaving a lot of empty space around the image.  For some reason, the plastic around the image is not entirely clear and it might be because I’m using super sanded paper and thus it’s a little opaque.  I will have to do some experimenting with different types of films and post an update!


Once you are done trimming your creation you have two options to heat your film (1) Use your toaster oven or (2) use your heat gun.  For the toaster oven option, I would follow instructions from this super cool YouTube video.

Embossing Heat Gun Technique:

If you are a stamper like me then time to bust out your heat gun!

Using a shoe box, line the shoe box with some parchment paper.  Then place the shrinky dink film with the rough side facing upwards.  I used a wooden chopstick to hold the shrinky film down and then evenly went over the film using my heat gun.

Be prepared, the film curls up and gets crazy looking but that is part of the process. It will curl up and then uncurl and start to flatten out.  Once you see that it is flattening out, remove the heat gun and take a piece of parchment paper and lay it on top of the film (now hard plastic).  Take your acrylic clear stamping block and smush it down on the plastic so it will flatten out.


As you can see, the images shrink down about 25% of its original size! (The original stamped image is on the left hand side and is about 3 inches tall.  The shrinky dink version is about 1 inch tall!).  Tell me this is not the coolest thing ever since…wink of stella??? lol.  I find that really large stamp images (3 inches or wider) don’t seem to do very well because the edges curl and start to melt together.  Again, I will have to update when I play around with different films, sizes, and images!

I can’t wait to try and make dog tags, key chains, and…the possibilities are endless! So happy is me.

Let it Snow (Globes)!

Oh my! How adorable are these snow globes…


These were very simple and easy to make!  I recommend checking out this youtube video from Papertrey Ink.


I bought a few of the supplies at my local craft store (i.e. the dome ornament and snowflakes) and I used my circle dies to create the different layers inside the snow globe.

globe4I absolutely love how these turned out and will be making these as gifts from friends and family! I have also seen these on top of mason jars!


Isn’t that so cute as milk chocolate jars? Ugh! Must must must make!

Hollar for Collars!

Sometimes you capture the perfect moment that pulls at your heart strings…


Here are my little scotties napping on my lap and holding hands as we head home after a fun filled day!


I made their cutie collars using my Silhouette!  These collars were very easy to make and look great on the pups!


What can I say – my scotties are spoiled! Off to make them some custom shirts. haha! jk.

Chihuahua Mama!

If you are a chihuahua mama you are going to love this post!


My dear friend is a proud mother of a little chihuahua and so I made her a few cute little things including this fancy birthday card.  For the card, I used the leftovers from my vinyl transfer cut out and used gold ink for the chihuahua.  (What can I say – leftovers are awesome!) For some finishing touches, I added a sprinkle of enamel dots and a little glitter heart for the collar. Next up, a must have chihuahua mama accessory:



This canvas tote bag is wonderful!  It is very sturdy with pockets everywhere.  It also has a zipper to close the top which is great for traveling.  I found the little chihuahua from the Silhouette store.  I used flocked heat transfer vinyl which matches the velvet black trim of the bag.    For a personal touch, I monogrammed the back of the tote bag using a spring font from the Silhouette store.


Isn’t the font so sweet? I just love the fun-happy feeling I get when I see it! A few months back, I purchased a canvas block art of a Scottie which I absolutely loved.  I found on Etsy this adorable chihuahua wood block art that can be placed on a book shelf or wall mounted.


Tell me that the glasses and bow tie doesn’t kill you with cutenesssssssssss! Finally, I made a little canvas bag to put the artwork inside (which can be later used as a lingerie laundry bag!)

Needless to say, I can’t wait to make all of these things in the Scottie version for me! hehe!

Restoration Crafting

I was completely inspired by this post of Carissa Wiley’s craft room. Simply amazing!


I have been storing my little stamping embellishments in this old spice rack (Remember this craft storage post):


And though it has been great for saving space, I don’t remember to use these embellishments! (Out of sight out of mind.)  I found this frame and decided to do a little “craft restoration.”   The gold was actually pretty but it doesn’t match my craft space.


I was so nervous to paint this frame because it was the first time I have ever done such a big project.  Supplies needed:  Paint can, brush, cardboard box, rubber gloves, and a paint stick.  I learned that you need to stir the paint before using it.  (Thanks Shawn!) Who knew?!


For this frame, I painted two layers to give it a nice coat and coverage.  It took the first layer about 2 hours to dry and then I left the frame to dry over night after applying the second coat of paint.  I made a mistake and put a thumb print in one corner because I was too eager to get the project finished!


Afterwards, my little helper screwed in little round hooks onto the back of the frame and wrapped wires around the hooks. (My Scottie is very crafty!) Here is a good youtube video on this!


TA DA! My finished picture frame craft storage! I used little bags for my embellishments and small paper clips!  This is so cool! I can’t believe I made it all by myself! The last thing I need to do is get some saw tooth hangers and get it attached on my craft wall!

Looking forward to more craft restoration projects!


Here is the picture frame craft storage mounted on the wall! I left some space between the second and third rows just in case I needed to clip on larger bags.  For now, it looks fantastic!


Welcome Baby Owen!

I finally got around to posting pictures from my best friend’s baby shower! (Talk about better late than never! lol) I was tasked to make all the lovely goodies with help from the wonderful mother to be and friends!

I absolutely love this picture frame we made for the wishing tree!

We stayed up until the wee hours of the night wrapping gift boxes and tying bows to make cute little stands for all the yummy food.  And the food was absolutely delicious!

I founds this adorable baby favor stamp set from PTI – it had all of these cute sayings like “Bun in the oven” and “About to Hatch” that were perfect to make into little tags/flags for food!

Who doesn’t love a ducky on a stick with banana budding?

These water bottles were too cute to even drink!

This was such a wonderful event filled with so much love and happiness! It’s so true when they say love is in the details… We love you baby Owen!

Calendar it!

I knew that I had to try out these cute calendars that were popping up on the craft blogs!


It was so much fun to make because I got to use card stock from all the holidays!  And, I love using tons of stickers and punches in one project!


For this project, I used an acrylic photo frame as my base and punched 2 holes on the top of each month.  I added small binder rings to keep everything together! It’s a very cute and simple gift to make for friends and family to cherish all the wonderful memories!


  • Recipe:  Lots of love.

Baby Baby Baby

I made this baby gift for my best friend who is expecting!

I love this gift because I was able to incorporate the same paper that I used for her baby shower invitations!  (Will post invites shortly!

  • Recipe: Craft paper from Recollections, Scrapbook paper from Martha Stewart, Balloon/Umbrella/Whale/Elephant/Train/Circle Scallop punches from Martha Stewart, Baby Clothes and Banner die cut from PTI, Cuttlebug die cut, Bling, Half pearls, Twine, I-rock hearts, Button.

Clearly Creative Boxes!

I thought I loved kraft card stock but clear craft stock  just stole my heart!

I finally got around to ordering from Papertrey Ink and I am so glad I decided to make the investment!  The quality of their cardstock, clear stamps, etc., is simply fantastic!  The product lives up to the hype and even the packaging for the goodies is such a treat.  Love love love PTI!

So, I decided to post a little preview of what I am making for christmas gifts this year!  For this goodie, I stamped on white flower flourishes using Staz on ink (The name doesn’t lie-it really stays on!) and then I made the outside packaging using kraft card stock and scrapbooking paper.

This is a great way to package cards made with love for the ones you loved!

Yummy Gummy Pops!

“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…”

Or however that Dr. Seuss story goes!

So I made a few quick treats for my favorite little visitors this weekend! I saw a post on Hostess with the Mostess and thought it was just too cute to pass up.  I went to the local candy store and found a bag of colored fishies.  (Next time, I will have to try a store like Sweet Factory because they have such a great selection of candies.)  Also, it seems like the thicker the gummy the better it looks and will stay put.

I did not use skewers for fear that my little visitors would poke their eyes out.  Instead, I used  lollipop sticks and made a slice with a knife through the top of the candy before sliding it into place.

Helpful tip: If you do not plan on using a skewer be sure to make a slice or poke a hole into the candy before you slide it onto your lollipop stick.  If you don’t make the slice before hand, all the candy will stick and it makes the lollipop look really gooey. And not very appealing!

Since the candies were fishies, I thought a little baby whale tag would be appropriate!  Needless to say, my gummy pops were a hit and were eaten before I could even say, “One fish, two fish!”

Cutie Cupcake Toppers!

Just when you thought the party was over…

I made these fun cupcake toppers in preparation for the birthday party!  The actual design took a very long time but once I figured everything out it was really easy to make!  Originally, I wanted to make car shaped cookies for the party but I remember these wonderful rainbow cupcakes I made which were a hit!  I’m sure the kids will love the yummy butter cream frosting too!

It’s time to start baking! 🙂