Craft Storage and Organization!

For the last few weeks, I have been obsessed with organizing all of my crafting goodies.  I finally did a little stamp cleaning and gave away a ton of craft supplies.  I thought I would share a few of the craft storage ideas that I love.  First, I found a solution to store my ink cubes:


I love this idea because everything is in one place and I can keep my sponge daubers with the cubes! I got this storage container from Michaels. Love love love.

My next storage solution is for sequins.  I really needed a storage container that had individual lids because the sequins often slide around and get mixed up together. So I found these awesome containers that even have a little handle:


Aren’t these containers awesome! I got these from Daiso. I love that I can hang them from the wall or inside my craft cabinet doors.

Onto my distress inks, I am slowly building up my collection and I may have reached my max capacity.  I like that I can take my inks with me in this case.


I punched out little hearts and added the colors so that I can easily see which inks I need for a project! (Also from Daiso).

Last but not least, here is how I store my clear stamps.  I really love this system because I can easily flip through and find the stamps I need. I tried storing my clear stamps in cds but it took up a lot of space and I found that this solution works for my craft space.



Many of the blogs and videos I have been searching through have been really inspiring! It’s so wonderful to see how people organize and create! It is totally true that the more organized your craft space is the easier it is to create.  You spend less time rummaging around and more time being creative!  I hope these storage solutions give you some ideas to help you get crafting =)

Restoration Crafting

I was completely inspired by this post of Carissa Wiley’s craft room. Simply amazing!


I have been storing my little stamping embellishments in this old spice rack (Remember this craft storage post):


And though it has been great for saving space, I don’t remember to use these embellishments! (Out of sight out of mind.)  I found this frame and decided to do a little “craft restoration.”   The gold was actually pretty but it doesn’t match my craft space.


I was so nervous to paint this frame because it was the first time I have ever done such a big project.  Supplies needed:  Paint can, brush, cardboard box, rubber gloves, and a paint stick.  I learned that you need to stir the paint before using it.  (Thanks Shawn!) Who knew?!


For this frame, I painted two layers to give it a nice coat and coverage.  It took the first layer about 2 hours to dry and then I left the frame to dry over night after applying the second coat of paint.  I made a mistake and put a thumb print in one corner because I was too eager to get the project finished!


Afterwards, my little helper screwed in little round hooks onto the back of the frame and wrapped wires around the hooks. (My Scottie is very crafty!) Here is a good youtube video on this!


TA DA! My finished picture frame craft storage! I used little bags for my embellishments and small paper clips!  This is so cool! I can’t believe I made it all by myself! The last thing I need to do is get some saw tooth hangers and get it attached on my craft wall!

Looking forward to more craft restoration projects!


Here is the picture frame craft storage mounted on the wall! I left some space between the second and third rows just in case I needed to clip on larger bags.  For now, it looks fantastic!


Spicing Up My Craft Storage!

Lately, I have been watching tons of youtube videos on craft storage.  I came across this brilliant idea to use a spice rack…


It is perfect to store little brads, bling, flower molds, etc.


To organize everything, I punched out little circles in different colors and labeled them accordingly.


It sits perfectly on my crafting desk and I love how easy it is to use. So next time, think twice before throwing away your spice rack.  Though, it is amazing that spice racks are left on the kitchen counter for years … yikes and yuck!

So how long should you keep spices?

Extracts 4 years (except pure vanilla, which lasts indefinitely)

Whole Spices 3-4 years

Ground Spices 2-3 years

Dried Herbs 1-3 years

Seasoning Blends 1-2 years

Crafty Organization!

If you were to ask me last month where I kept all my craft supplies I would have replied:

Yes, I have been crafting out of a suitcase since April of 2010! Recently, I decided to upgrade my storage space and wanted to share a few great ideas.  The first purchase I made were these awesome snap and stack boxes from Target:

I have 6 of these which I use for my punches, ribbon, clear stamps, texturz plate, and paper.  Next, I purchased this 6 case scrapbook storage from Michaels. (Using a 40 % off coupon of course!)

I use this to store my scrapbook paper, stickers, embellishments, and inks.  Last but definitely not least…

This organization discovery is my absolute favorite! I came across this awesome post which featured ways to store dies using Martha Stewart’s brand new line of office supplies at Staples! So awesome!  It is perfect to put in Spellbinders, PTI die cuts, and even Cuttlebug Dies. Hope this post was helpful and inspiring!