Here’s the (ice cream) scoop!

“Tomorrow we can eat brocolli, but today is for ice cream!”

FINALLY, I received my memento ink in tuxedo black and I had to make a card just to showcase it.  Now I know why people love this ink! Within a few seconds, the ink was dry (so cool!) and ready for me to add some color.   For this craft delight, I used a combination of highlighters and sharpies to color the sundaes.  This is my first attempt at using colorful sharpies and I have to say, I am rather pleased with the result.  The pigment from the sharpies are great and my only complaint is that they tend to be a little darker (in color), thus I incorporated the highlighters.

After carefully coloring inside the lines, I added a little red bling for the cherries! How can you not love a sundae with a little bling bling?  I attached the sundae with a mini-pop-dot and after much thought, I stamped on the sentiment “enjoy” which is a part of the stamp!  I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, so I opted with adding blue bling around it.  Now, I love it.  I think that’s the key to craft-happiness, when in doubt, add some bling!

Helpful tip: If  you really want the texture (i.e. polkadots above) to show up on your cardstock simply add another piece of cardstock to your “bigshot sandwich.”  For example, your sandwich layers will be (top to bottom): Impressions pad, an extra piece of cardstock, silicone rubber pad, your cardstock, embossing/texturz plate, multipurpose pad.  Some people prefer to mist the cardstock with a little rubbing alcohol to get the same effect but the thought of soggy “sandwich” is not appealing to me!  Try this technique out-it really makes a difference!