Stamp Your Own Succulent!

I don’t have a green thumb – so here is my solution for the few succulents that didn’t quite make it the last few weeks…


TA DA! Create your own succulents! (I have the greatest BFF in the world! She sent me this adorable succulent stamp set so I could stamp my heart away.)  I created the background using watercolors and colored the little plants with copic makers.


I love this stamp set from Hero Arts because you can mix and match all the plants and flowers to make your own little creations.  For future cards, I will try and be more bold with color plants and flowers.


I say be adventurous and try your own!


Succulents here, there, everywhere!

I am not sure how it happened, but I suddenly became succulents/cacti crazy! Succulents and cacti are everywhere – even as stamps!


I went to my local nursery and found these amazing little succulents and cacti.  The selection was wonderful and I cannot wait to go back for some more.  The price on average is about $2.50 to $2.99 for the mini succulents and cacti.  My favorite are the spiky succulents because of its interesting shape.


I filled the bottom of these pots with medium sized aquarium rocks.  The middle layer is cactus soil and the top layer is simply small white aquarium rocks. (The rocks can be purchased at any local pet store).

In case you are wondering, I followed Jennifer McGuire’s video on how to plant succulents in small pots/jars.  I prefer these little mini ones because they are so adorable and make really great gifts for friends and family.  I love how the little lady bug looks like she has spiky hair! Here is a view from the top:


I recently picked up a mini red cactus and will post photos as soon as I get it planted.

I also made a few planted succulents as office gifts but sadly, the one on the left, did not do very well indoors. I think they need a good amount of sunshine in order to thrive/survive.


In case you need some ideas as to where to showcase your succulents/cacti, I found this cute planter stand at a local furniture store:


I am hoping that with the right amount of sunshine and watering these new planted succulents will thrive.   Hopefully my pups will not try to snack on these little succulents/catci plants! (Yes, it has happened before!)